Chapter 6 pg 188

By , September 3, 2012 3:23 pm

Chapter 6 pg 188. See Tumblr for more info about those books.

5 comments on “Chapter 6 pg 188

  1. Bakabaka on said:

    Absolutely love what you did on this page. No words, but this scene makes me feel so bad for Jeremy’s father. Together with his appearance in the previous chapter, this really makes me sympathise with him. Before, I just thought he was blunt and unfeeling.
    Oh, and the really subtle perspective on the windows in the first panel… :like:!

  2. Thank you. :) If he seemed blunt & unfeeling before, it’s because he simply doesn’t know how to deal with the situation…hence, research at the library…

  3. I always understood the reasons why Jeremy’s dad responded the way he did. It’s how majority of the people would respond if they are not aware about these issues. And I like how he, Jeremy’s dad, went out of his way to read and understand his son’s situation. Mental health disorders are never easy for anyone . But sometimes, we just have to make do and understand what others are going through.

  4. Bakabaka on said:

    Character development, you gotta love it! :D

  5. kayleigh on said:

    Jeremy’s dad is trying. I love how much this says without words.

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