LSA Collection Cover

By , April 5, 2013 4:33 pm

LSA can be ordered from Amazon here, stomach directly from me here (with a free sketch & button), or from the Birdcage Bottom Books online shop here. You can also get it from any of the comic shops or bookstores listed below. Follow me on Tumblr for more stuff (including news about my new Secret Project, ooooo~)

10 comments on “LSA Collection Cover

  1. I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat

  2. Chris on said:

    Dear artist/author

    Is this the end for real? Is this comic completely done?

  3. admin on said:

    Yes it is :)

  4. DeColuvj on said:

    I would so totally buy this thing!

  5. Arktur on said:

    This was magnificent. Read it in one sitting, just drew me in.
    I think that anyone who has been through even mild depression, or has had anxiety or any of the other difficult psychological issues will be able to relate in a significant way to this comic.
    I really hope you are proud of your work, because it’s fantastic in depth and scale.

  6. Thank you so much for making this comic. I found it through a friend’s comic, and it’s been a brilliant read. Finished it all in one day, and I am happy that I did so – gives me more time to re-read it. Your drawing and writing is magnificent. :)

  7. Thank YOU for reading! Glad it’s resonated with so many people :)

  8. Paradox on said:

    Hi , thanks for publishing LSA for the world to see through your and more importantly every Bi-polar’s viewpoint. And Here I thought naruto was the only comic(manga) which would come as close as to affect me. I was wrong.
    Could you let me know how do you go about creating one chapter – or a comic .
    I am creative enough to churn out a few like these but don’t have the skills for digital art.Point me in the right direction , will ya ? Thanks :)

  9. I always say the process for making a graphic novel is “Draw page one. Then page two. And then page three. And then Keep Going until you reach the end.” Heh! Of course it’s a fair bit more complicated than that ;) Here’s a post I wrote on Tumblr a while ago for folks who have trouble Getting Started drawing comics – not much of a focus on digital art in it, unfortunately – but I will see if I can write something about that in the near future!

  10. Incrediblejeff on said:

    I have to say I really loved you’re comic.As a person who has dealt with Depression a lot of this has resonated with me.

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